10 Warm Facts About Huskies

Siberian huskies are known for their wolfish good looks, but deep down, they’re all dog.

5. They’re not great watchdogs.

Huskiesare, notone-persondogs—they’reunsuspiciousand friendly to strangers. This can becharming, but it’s notvery helpful when you’relooking for a canine sentry. Ofcourse, their fiercewolf-like featuresmight beenough to deteranyintruders.

6. Huskies don’t get fatigued.

Huskiesoftenruns longdistances on very littlefood. When humansattemptthis, we start touse ourbody’s glycogenand fat and eventuallygetfatigued. But huskies burn a lot of calorieswithout evertappingintothese otherenergystores—and they do thisbyregulatingtheirmetabolism.

“Beforetherace, the dogs’ metabolicmakeup is similartohumans. Thensuddenly theythrowaswitch—we don’t knowwhat it is yet—thatreverses allofthat,” animal exerciseresearcher Dr. Michael S. Davistold theNewYork Times. “In a24-hour period, theygoback to thesame type ofmetabolicbaseline yousee inresting subjects. Butit’swhile they are running100 miles aday.”

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