10 Reasons This 20-Year-Old Still Watches Cartoons

I will forever and ever watch cartoons, and why shouldn’t you?

Ihave toadmit, Iam one of the biggest kids you will ever get to know. Although many of you see me handling mybusiness with the variousactivities I’m in or with school, tuning in to my favoritecartoon shows is somethingI have not let go of. I have watched cartoons all my life and plan to keep watchingthem even when I’m 80 years old. I have watched a variety of cartoons from old tonew, silly to serious, and from usual to unusual. The cartoonsI usuallywatch now a days are usually on both CartoonNetworkandNickelodeon. The ONLY time I watchDisneyChanel is if “Phineas andFerb” is on.


WhenI was youngerI watched all sorts of things, I really didn’t discriminate. But as I got older, I prefer cartoons that have astory line such as Steven Universe. The only exception I will make for other cartoons is if it isSpongebob (which happens to be my favorite show), ScoobyDoo, orFamily Guy. Butthere are reasons why I still watchcartoons, and maybe my reasons mayconvince you I’m not as crazy as you think I am.

1. Itcalmsmynerves.
There’snothing like a TV show that helpsyou relax from alongstressful day. I feel as though cartoons helps me cope with my longdays. 

2. Cartoons-are-where-I started my TV journey
We’ve all had our share of-cartoons-growing up, and many of us usually complain about the TV-shows-that airs today. I remain-faithful to my-cartoon-watching. 

3. They-can-be-funny and amusing
A lot of the older-cartoons, such as “Rugrats,” are hilarious-to-watch now that I’m older and-understand-certain-concepts. Also-some of the newer-cartoons for-adults can be amusing-such-as “Family-Guy.” 

4. Most-of-them-have-hidden-subliminal-messages
Okay, now I knowyou’veseencertaincartoonsand saw the hidden message behind what theyweresaying. You know thosemessages you wouldn’t have caught as a kid, and nowyou can laugh atbecause youunderstand

5. A-separation-from-reality
Majority ofthethingsshown oncartoons, real life actors oractresses can’t do. 

6. Imagination
Itallowsyou to thinkoutside the box. 

7. They-will-always-exist 
Whether you likecartoons or not, theywill always bearound. There are always children somewhere needing somethingwatch. 

8. Some may take-you back to your-childhood
Watchingsome of theolder cartoons as an adultcan bringback greatmemories from when you were achild. 

9. There-are-cartoons-that-have an actual storyline
Some cartoons actuallyhaveastoryline line that some kidsdon’t understand. StevenUniverseis a goodexample of acartoon that has astoryline you can’t miss. 

10. They-can-be-empowering
There arecartoonsthat can beempowering and have apositive message to send out. There arealsocertain superherocartoons that canbe seenasempowering.

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