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Russian Journalist Fakes Own Death to Avoid Assassination!!

ReportsrangoutearlyWednesdaymorning that Russianjournalist and outspoken critic of theKremlin, ArkadyBabchenko, was found bleeding todeath at his Ukrainianhome, apparently shotseveral times in theback. According to police, he succumbed to his injuries inthe ambulance onthe way to the hospital.

During a press conference the next day, Babchenkohimselfstillalive and well – waltzed intoaroomfullof his fellowjournalists to the soundof gasps. Like a magician’sgreat reveal at theend of a show, theUkrainianmedia (and the world at large) had just beenduped.

It turns out that for thelast month, the SecurityServiceofUkraine (SBU) had been in contact with Babchenkoand notified him about acoming attempt on his life. They worked together to tryand catch those who threatened his life. “An offer was made to take part in this specialoperation,” Babchenkosaid, adding that he didn’t really haveachoice in thematter.

The Russiangovernment is believed to be behindthe assassination attempt, according to Babchenko, who saw that his sensitiveprivate information and documents including his passportphoto were among some keyevidence recovered by SBU – documents thatwould be hard to obtain ifyou weren’t the Russiangovernment.


AccordingtoSBU, Russianspecial forces recruitedaUkrainiancitizen(Codename “G”) to assemble a crack team of assassins andterrorists inUkraine todothe Kremlin’s dirty work. Babchenko’sassassination was one of the missionsassigned to this terrorist group.

Through SBU’s own espionagetactics, theylearned that “G” recruitedaformer member of the ATO in easternUkraine andinstructed the hitman to kill Babchenko for $30,000, half of which hadalreadybeen paid. SBU also intercepted a dossier that contained data on Babchenko, hiswifeand kids, his work and private life, and evenphone numbers, bank accountinformation and passport pictures.

“G” and one otherindividual whois believed to havecarriedout the attempted assassinationhave since been captured byUkrainianforces and a pretrial investigationisunderway.

Babchenkotook the time at the pressconference toapologize to hiswife, “for the hell she went through these past twodays,” he said. Babchenko’swife was the one who found his body and called forhelp, believing that her husband had just been murdered in his ownhome. “Olechka, I’m sorry, butthere were no other options here,” saidBabchenko.

“I apologize for whatyou had to go through,” he wenton, asking forforgiveness from his friends and colleaguesaswell. “I’ve buried friends andcolleagues many times, and I know it’s asickening-vomiting feeling whenyou have to bury your colleagues.” Journalist assassinationsare all too commonamong critics of Russia.

BabchenkoleftRussiain2017, sayingthathe “nolongerfeltsafe” there. Andit’s easy to understandwhy. Accordingto the Committee to ProtectJournalistsandthe Glasnost DefenseFoundation, since1992, 58journalistshavemet anuntimely end in Russia for voicingdiffering opinions thanthe state-sponsored storiesthat come from the Kremlin. Andwhile many ofthesedeathswere ruledassuicides or accidents by wayoffalling fromtallbalconiesor “slipping” in theirhomes, Babchenko avoidedbeing number 59.

We now look forwardto what happens in this case, what evidence links “G” to Russia, and what theworld will say in response.

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